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  • Extremely viscous and highly polar
  • Highly oxidation stable – protects engine from oil thickening, high temperature sludge and varnish deposits
  • Shear stable viscosity index improver – protects against viscosity breakdown in severe service
  • Effect detergent-dispersants keep engine parts clean
  • Anti-wear agents effectively protect cam lobes and other highly loaded parts from wear

  • Prolong Nitro 40 Racing Oil is a high performance drag racing engine oil designed to offer extra protection and performance in racing engines fueled by alcohol or nitromethane fuels. Specifically formulated to meet the demands of the high displacements, high RPM racing engines found in today’s domestic and foreign racing circuits.

    The oil is a blend of the premium synthetic base oils with special additives and boosted with a proprietary AFMT™ which protects against high temperature oxidation, wear and viscosity breakdown. It is fortified to meet the demands of detergency-dispersants, rust and corrosion inhibitors to keep engines exceptionally clean and free of sludge, varnish, and rust.


    This past weekend we went and tested a brand new motor combination with the new Prolong 70 wt Nitro Racing Oil and it performed awesome. Our crew chief imediately noticed how the oil had a slight tackiness to it which was the AFMT. We ran our quickest ever with a planned early shut off of 5.93. Bearings looked perfect after the run. Very excited for the California Hot Rod Reunion in 2 weeks. Thanks for a great product . Will Martin